Greed is the London mooring problem

Published: Friday, 16 October 2020

I WOULD think it would be obvious why there are too many boats in London, writes T. Lang.

Greed on behalf of Canal & River Trust in filling the waterways with liveaboards at an hefty charge, and the remaining visitor moorings taken up with continuous cruisers who actually work in the city that stick there for way beyond the allowed 14 days.

Can only get worse

I cannot see how starting a discussion, as it is put, will solve anything, as everyone must surely be aware of the reason, and it can only get worse, if that is possible.

A fellow moorer attempted a leisurely cruise from the GU along the Regent's to Limehouse, but proved to be anything but as he could not find a mooring and finished, he told me, with others on a lock mooring.

Raking in their cash

I cannot see a solution as there are more and more taking to the London waterways to live and CaRT want to keep raking in their cash.