Coxhead fails again

Published: Friday, 16 October 2020

THE Coxhead Swing Bridge has failed again and so closes the navigation.

CoxheadLLThis bridge has failed time and time again, and was so bad in August when boaters took to the waterways after the end of the coronavirus lockdown, a booking system had to be brought in whereby boaters could apply for an appointment for a worker to be at the bridge to operate it and so allow boats to progress, Keith Gudgin reports.

Badly worn

It is the locking system that is so badly worn it does not always work, so the bridge will not operate.  So when it fails boaters have to wait whilst someone comes to put it right.

Boaters have told us that the bridge has been found unworkable but no stoppage notice has been issued.


We are told a meeting to determine the fault on the operating system at Coxhead Swing Bridge will take place at 9am tomorrow, Friday 16th October.  This is strange as the fault is known to be the locking system.

Until then, navigation will remain closed, however once on-site tomorrow, the team will manually operate the bridge to allow passage of the waiting boats.