Get a 'floating home' cheaper

Published: Thursday, 15 October 2020

ADDING to the comments about those floating homes on offer at Priory Marina, writes Lis Deakin.

Why pay £230,000 when you can get one for £179,000?

Save £5,000

This is the price charged at Sawley Marina, and also on a river, but not on the River Great Ouse but the Trent, where you will save £5,000!

But I don't rate its 'Tranquil waterside setting'.  As I see the marina is about 300 yards from a bridge carrying the M1 motorway and about three miles from East Midlands Airport.  Not so tranquil.

And checking on Nicholson's, I see the marina is one mile up river from the main Sheffield London railway. They call that tranquil?  Perhaps that's why it's cheaper at Sawley.  Better sticking with Priory.