What happens when the 'floating home' licence ends?

Published: Wednesday, 14 October 2020

AFTER reading Joan Robinson’s report on these floating homes, I took a look at the promotion of them online, writes Julia.

Apparently they cost £230K and come with a ‘long licence to moor’ at the marina.

I’d say there is one glaring item which needs to be considered before all else.  What do you think this home is worth when the ‘licence’ ends? Or even when nearing the end? And what are the conditions under which the landlord may end it?

FloatingHomeLowest form of rights

A licence gives the lowest form of rights for such residential use and ‘to moor’ does not mean the right to connect to all the necessary services.

Where else can you take this cabin-home?  Can it use the local canal/bridges/locks?  What if the marina goes bust?  Or if the landlord increases your mooring fees to sky-high?

And her husband was so right about the windows…and the comparison with steel…. I could go on…