Shroppie closed for half term week

Published: Wednesday, 14 October 2020

THE cill on Hack Green Lock (2) has finally completely collapsed and so closed the Shropshire Union Canal.

This means the waterway will be closed next week during the half term holidays, Keith Gudgin reports.

This is when the waterway is in demand from hirers and regular boaters as a last chance this year.

Reported over a year ago

What must be so annoying is that this broken cill was reported over a year ago but nothing was done until it has finally collapsed, with the Trust anticipating it will take a week to repair, as is now normal.

It is Kevin McNiff who tells us: My good friend and contributor to these pages, Brian Jarrett, reminds me that he alerted CaRT to this over a year ago.

And this stoppage coincides with half term in many counties in the country with many looking to take boating trips—NOT!

This has been left to deteriorate until total failure occurred, a bit like both paddles at Heyford Common lock on the South Oxford, and everywhere else for that matter.  Broadmoor Lock near Cropredy had a broke ground paddle, but when the other one failed, they only repaired one.  Bonkers.

That very well sums it up.