Priory floating homes

Published: Monday, 12 October 2020

LIVING with my partner on a narrowboat at Priory Marina we thought we would go a bit 'wider', writes Joan Robinson.

So we both took a look at what are called floating homes as an alternative after seeing the brochure for them that are being sold at Priory, as they have two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

FloatingHomeSomewhat smaller

My partner thought they were rather flimsy after the steel of our narrowboat, with plastic and wood (its base is of course steel) and pointed out that the size included the 'terrace' around the cabin that was misleading, and the actual living area was somewhat smaller working out at about 40ft x 16ft. He thought there was too much glass that would make it cold in the winter.

The two bedrooms consisted of two bunks in one and a double bed in another, but there was an en suite toilet with shower by the main one and there certainly was more space than our 55ft narrowboat.  The main living area also included the galley that seemed to be well equipped.

Fully furnished

The floating homes, come with a fitted kitchen, that is part of the living area, and is fully furnished, the brochure says to show home standards.

It had electricity, water and broadband, but there was some concern about the flush toilets and their holding tank being emptied, for the one we viewed had no visible connection and we could find no one to enlighten us.

I found it quite luxurious but better suited as a holiday home and not really for permanent living, especially in winter on water, as we well know what that is like!  But the price gave us our final say of 'no thank-you.  It was £230,000.