Trust gets its 2,000th member

Published: Thursday, 08 October 2020

THE Chesterfield Canal Trust has enrolled its 2,000th member.

It took 33 years to reach one 1,000 members, to double that has taken less than 11 years.

And this in a year when its Festival and our Walking Festival have been cancelled, boats have not been running, promotional trailer has not been out and Hollingwood Hub had its shutters down for 103 days—an astonishing achievement.

Tremendous milestone

Of this, Membership Secretary, Kath Auton tells:

“This is a tremendous milestone.  It is quite remarkable to have added so many new members this year when most of our activities have been cancelled.  The greater our membership, the more we are taken seriously.  We are very grateful to all our members for their support, whether they joined in 1976 or today.”

There are lots of reasons why people have continued to join, but most importantly have been the submission of our Planning Application and David Smith’s 3½ marathons run for our 2027 Restoration Appeal, both of which really caught the public’s imagination.

If you would like to join the Trust, click here.