Cill markers are not enough

Published: Thursday, 08 October 2020

I AM  AFRAID that I totally disagree with the comments by Kevin McNiff (Not Roger Fox as previously stated) concerning cills, writes T. Lang.

The cill markers are surely not enough though he suggests they are.  And in all the years I have been boating I have never seen a sign as in his picture that looks as if it is made-up with the lock beam resting on the ground.

Car tipping into water

And how on earth does the illustration of a car tipping into water relate to the cill?  To me it simply shows to keep cars away from locks as they can sink.

He and myself are obviously well versed in the dangers of the cill, I even admitting that I was caught in 2002 dropping into Manchester on the Rochdale whilst videoing and not realising the boat had drifted back and was caught on the cill.  But both realised and dropped the bottom paddles rather quickly, then slowly let water in from the top.

Easy to get caught

I am simply demonstrating how easy it is to get caught if your attention is elsewhere, as that of beginners, or even, as in my case, long standing boaters.

We knew what to do, but a beginner, even if told of the danger, are they also told what to do in case it happens?  I doubt it.  I most certainly wasn't with the four hire boats we originally took out.

Lives will be lost

Unlike Kevin McNiff, I agree with Victor, there is not enough warning of the danger, and until there is boats will continue to sink and more lives will be lost.