Cill markers are surely enough?

Published: Wednesday, 07 October 2020

YES Victor, there are too many boats being caught on the cill, and also far too many new signs and banners, writes Kevin McNiff.

But the marks on the ground, the word 'Cill' and the sign on the lock gates are surely enough for boaters to be aware?

CillMarkerClear instruction

What is so different between the two signs shown? In fact, the CaRT one contains a clear instruction.  Quayside-or-river-bank-warning-signLock cill positions are clearly marked on the coping stones or wall and accompanied by a warning sign—photo: Waterway Images.

Hire boat operators have the onus to ensure that all handover briefings include correct lock operation and include it in the on-board handbook.  Shared ownership boats have a handbook and it is as relevant to the owners who have two or three weeks per year on board.  As private owners, I believe we were all issued with a 'Boaters’ Handbook', squirrelled away somewhere in a cupboard?  100% awareness is vital but sometimes distractions do occur.image001

Search online

 With the abundance of devices connected to the internet; if you don’t understand what the signs or words mean—search online! Then you can debate whether it is cill or sill.

 However, the saying 'you can take a horse to water…' does spring to mind.