Welford Arm open 30 hours early

Published: Wednesday, 30 September 2020

WE EXPECTED to have to give the Welford Arm a miss but CaRT got it open 30 hours early so down we ventured, writes Roger J Spurr.

Nice moorings, good clean services, handy pub and shop.

The repair to the troublesome gate looked well thought out and was a neat bit of fabrication.  It was obvious why when later we locked down Watford as a similar repair had been made but some time earlier!  Thats the good news.

WelfordRepair1A sea of blue and white signs

I regret that Welford Wharf was a sea of blue and white signs.  Three on the refuse area alone. This was in contrast to the absence of any signs earlier in the week at the Welford Junction to forewarn of closure and there was more than one boat reported to have not been aware of the stoppage and having to reverse the mile or so back to the main line.

I wonder how much has been spent on all these intrusive signs.  I assume that they have been ordered by staff in the office, purchased from a profesional printer and erected by CaRT staff, all salaried.

Meanwhile those paid to manage the not so benign flights of staircase locks and tunnels are sacked and the work handed to volunteers.