The Jericho fight goes on

Published: Friday, 07 August 2020

IT WAS 18 years ago when narrowboatworld reported the story of Jericho Boatyard development in Oxford, but it is still not settled.

jericho stalagIt was war!  The boaters wanted a boatyard but British Waterways wanted to flog it for development and such was the strife that British Waterways built a high fence and lit the whole area at dark with floodlights to keep boaters out, it being awarded the name of 'Stalag Jericho'.


Then it even brought in the heavy mob including bailiffs and moved all the boats by crane from the side of the boatyard.

But both locals and the adjoining St Barnabas Church joined in the fray on the side of the campaigners with a court case ensuing and British Waterways having to back down and having to remove the fence and allow the boaters access.

jerricho bank

The boatyard then being closed its space was eagerly viewed by developers for houses, but both local people and boaters wanted requirements included for resident boaters and public spaces, and the fight started and is going on even to this day.

jericho flatsAll failed

After this time, development after development was submitted but all failed, particularly the one shown, so came the stand-off with occasional bouts during the intervening years, but it has all started again with the latest plan for development, Alan Tilbury reports.

Once again the plan takes up virtually all of the space with campaigners demanding a bigger public piazza.

The latest proposals are by Cornerstone Land and the Jericho Wharf Regeneration Company were presented at a public exhibition last summer, with a formal planning application now been submitted to Oxford City Council.

New boatyard

This latest scheme includes a mixed use development with a new boatyard and there will also be a new community centre with a cafe, sports hall, dance studio and spaces to rent and the former community hall converted for housing.

This time there will be a second phase for additional meeting rooms and offices, that it is stated are needed to ensure that it is financially sustainable.

The plans show a mix of residential units including affordable housing, and a new piazza by the side of St Barnabas Church.

Bridge over the canal

As with every other plan submitted over the years it included a bridge over the canal, that is certainly a long time coming.