Derwent Mouth not open for week-end

Published: Friday, 31 July 2020

THE broken Derwent Mouth Lock will not be repaired by this week-end as expected.

The closure has now been extended until next Wednesday, but the cause of the failure has been discovered, Keith Gudgin reports.

DerwentMouthJuly20 400Gate to be lifted out

It seems the gate pin has dropped that is preventing the gate closing properly meaning that the gate has now to be lifted out and the problem rectified, hence the extension to the stoppage.

We are not informed which gate is the problem, but both, as our photographs published earlier this week, showed, need attention. Particularly the broken handrail on one of the bottom gates.

Connecting to the Trent

For those not acquainted with this lock it is the one at the eastern end of the Trent & Mersey Canal connecting it to the Trent. 

We are told there are many boats stuck unable to use the lock, with it particularly difficult for those wanting access off the Trent as, except for the lock mooring, there are no other possible moorings on the river.