Laying the blame

Published: Friday, 31 July 2020

I KNOW full well that you do not include self congratulation, but hope you will allow one for Ralph, writes James Henry.

Yes I agree what you have told me that 'self congratulation is no recommendation' but Ralph Freeman's 'Reflections of an Ancient Boater' is surely worthy of a bit of praise.

Worst decision ever

He has well and truly laid the blame with the 'Evans years', and the worst decision ever in getting rid of the most important people on the waterways—the lock keepers and lengthsmen, both of whom made sure everything was in good working order.

The result we can well see todaystoppage after stoppage as the whole system falls apart.  What was it?  Nine stoppages just recently Victor told and I added the one on the Calder & Hebble that he forgot making it ten!  Then early this year there were eight in one week.

In their place

Ralph definitely told it like it is that it was a bad decision getting rid of those important people, and what do we get in their place?  Such as a Chief Investment Officer, Asset Improvement Officernow that's a laugh!  Strategy Engagement & Impact Officer and many others, and of course their assistants and secretaries.

Good on y' Ralph, keep it up.