Victor forgot one!

Published: Monday, 27 July 2020

I AM not sure if Victor is getting past it or was being kind to CaRT but he missed out what is a long stoppage, writes James Henry.

There were not three current failures, he missing out the stoppage on the Calder & Hebble at the Figure of Three Locks that we were told in February would be closed for 12 months.  This making four long stoppages.

Caused by storm damage

Perhaps Victor thought that as this failure that was caused by storm damage that washed the structure away did not fall into the usual group of lack of maintenance failures.

But whatever, these ever increasing stoppages, he listed eight recent ones make it difficult to plan a schedule for these days you never know where you are going to be stopped.  It must be difficult for the boat hire firms, especially those up in the North on either the Rochdale (still has a stoppage), the Leeds & Liverpool (anytime now!) and the Huddersfield which is very risky, but luckily we  have done it and like Victor enjoyed the challenge.

[No James, I am not including your further contrary comment about other internet publication coverage—Editor.]