Victor: No detail of Trust's 'coronavirus' appeal revenue

Published: Sunday, 26 July 2020

THE Canal & River Trust states that its 'coronavirus' appeal to support small waterway-based charities raised £31,500, but no intimation of how this was made up.

It was originally stated that the Trust would match the amount given and that its Chief Executive Officer, Richard Parry would donate 20% of three months of his salary.

Upon publishing the Press Release we asked the sender how the £31,500 was broken up, and also contacted its Project Manager, Justine Lee, with the same question, and though we have always had virtually instant response to Press Release enquiries—this time nothing!

I reckon those who gave would like to know the total of what they raised, but it seems the Trust think otherwise.


It seems some of those that gave money towards the appeal are not at all happy, according to the comments we are getting—Thomas promised no namesbut some have questioned how many of the recipients came to need money when everything was at a standstill.

Many cannot understand why some of the listed recipients needed hand-outs at all.

£10 millions and three years, eh?

For the life of me I just cannot see how the figure for the repair of the Toddbrook spillway could be given as £10 millions and take three years to complete.

Sounds very much like pie in the sky to me as it does to a former engineer who asks, if a final design has not yet been agreed upon how can they know the cost and timescale?

When first built in 1837 and without the modern equipment of today, the whole lot just took four years.

safter4 3Not just the one

When the University at Huddersfield drains the water out of the first pound of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal for its air conditioning, it means water has to be let down from the pounds above the first one to allow boaters to proceed—and what do you think happens to the pounds? They get drained too!

As we found out the last time we ventured on the 'Narrow' up from Huddersfield, with poor Fred and us continually going ahead filling pound after pound, until a rather long one with plenty of water is reached and so not so much affected.

Here's a picture of one of them...

Still three to repair...

Stoppages these days come so fast and furious that I have to admit I lose count of them, but have managed to recollect that there are still three to repair.

The recent stoppages that have been rectified are Lock 27 Huddersfield Narrow; Atherstone Flight, Coventry; Sawley Mechanical Locks, Trent;  Wrenbury Lift Bridge, Llangollen; Barrowford Flight, Leeds & Liverpool; Ivinghoe Lock, Grand Union. (Narrowboats only.)

But alas Lock 46 on the Rochdale that gave up the ghost on 9th of July has little chance of a quick repair as only now the dams to hold back the water to allow work to commence have been installed. 

And little chance either of the Kings Langley Lock on the Grand Union with both gates in such a condition that new ones have to be manufactured then fitted.

And I've heard no news yet of the broken lock at Aldwark on the Sheffield & South Yorkshire that failed.

As I have told before, and will do so again—what a bloody mess!  And now getting worse with nine stoppages over the last week or so.

Those were the days

Little wonder so many people are praising the 'good only days'.  From our own experience, they certainly were.

Victor Swift