Another Leeds & Liverpool failure closes navigation

Published: Monday, 13 July 2020

FOLLOWING on the news that the Rochdale is closed for at least two weeks, it is now the turn of the Leeds & Liverpool!

Cill bustedThe waterway is closed for the same reason—another broken cill has closed a lock.  This time it is the bottom lock of the Barrowford Flight, that had its restrictions lifted on Friday then closed the following day!  Keith Gudgin reports. 

Amount of leakage

As many boaters realise, a cill in bad condition is clearly shown by the amount of leakage, (the picture gives an example) and too many show such leakage on those two waterways, and as they are obviously not repaired they fail.

Efforts have been made to repair the cill but we are told 'a repair was unsuccessful', so another attempt is to be made today.