Anderton Lift to open—but not yet

Published: Thursday, 18 June 2020

IT WAS last Friday that narrowboatworld pointed out the 'shambolic situation' at present with the Anderton Boat Lift.

It had been closed since way back on the 17th April, leaving stranded boaters on the Weaver and businesses relying on the river traffic facing closure, but there had been no attempt to help by Canal & River Trust.

Little concern

But someone at the Trust must have taken notice, as Keith Gudgin reports it is to reopen the lift, but also still showing little concern for those trapped as this will not be for more than two weeks—stating it will reopen the lift, but not until 6th July.

Its operation can be undertaken quite easily without any risk of contravening the two metres rule and there is no necessity for staff to contact boaters as all is automatic, which makes it difficult to understand why an attempt has not been made to use the lift to ease the situation of those affected.