A bodge job

Published: Thursday, 18 June 2020

IT SEEMS that Roger Fox was correct when he suggested that the repair to Watford Lock would be a bodge.

For Canal & River Trust have confirmed that it will not be replacing the rotted gate on Lock 3 of Watford Flight on the Grand Union Canal but 'fabricating the necessary replacement parts', Keith Gudgin reports.

It will be a bodge

So Roger was correct in his assumption that it will be a bodge, suggesting that he expected a steel corset to be manufactured with a view to keeping it in service.

Even though the 'damaged' gate as the Trust prefers to call it, will have to be removed for some sort of strapping to be fixed, it is still not replacing the gate though its rotted condition certainly warrants it.

The gate failed on Friday 12th June and should be back in service we are told during the week commencing the 29th June, meaning of course sometime in July.