The Trust panders to the mob

Published: Wednesday, 10 June 2020

THE Canal & River Trust has seemingly pandered to the mob by removing a statue.

This is of the former slave holder Robert Milligan that was prominent outside the Museum of London Docklands, that has now been removed after the government agreed to have statues removed that related to the slave trade.

'Wishes of the community'

The reason given for the action by the Trust is that it was removed to 'recognise the wishes of the community'.  This is following a mob breaking down the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol and dumping it in the harbour.

This morning, Wednesday, we received an email from a regular contributor, who this time asks we did not use his name, who tells us there are two brothers further along his mooring who in the past took off every week-end to cause anti social problems at football matches or any other large gathering and are obviously racist. 

Ideal opportunity

He tells that the demonstrations were an ideal opportunity for them so off they went to join the throng in Birmingham, but not to back the campaign but of course to join like minded and cause as much mayhem as they could.  That was fairly obvious from the television news of the various demonstrations.