Lack of good news halts internet sites

Published: Tuesday, 09 June 2020

FOLLOWING on from James Henry's suggestion about many waterway internet site being closed, writes T. Lang.

I believe that there is a simple explanation.  It is now all bad news about the waterways, their condition, the many stoppages, the lack of maintenance and the dismal outlook from the Canal & River Trust, plus of course its strange attitude to the coronavirus pandemic.

So enthralled

And so most of those sites that pander to CaRT, and dare not say boo to a goose, as the saying goes, have nothing to write about!  They are so enthralled by CaRT they dare not report such bad news, especially with the chance of loosing advertising, so the alternative—now't, as Victor would claim!

Alternatively, as James also states, you have never had it so good, obviously because, if I am also allowed to say, you are doing nothing more than your heading states'telling it like it is'.

As to Waterways World I am saying nothing, as unlike James, I don't want to risk being banned!