Anti social behaviour causes river fencing

Published: Wednesday, 03 June 2020

THE area between the River Great Ouse towpath and Ely Maltings is to be fenced off.

This is in a bid to prevent anti-social behaviour during the coronavirus lockdown after gangs of 20 to 30 year olds gathered by the river and the Maltings making a mockery of social distancing, Alan Tilbury reports.

ElyLockdownDirect contravention

The warm weather has encouraged gangs to congregate between the boats moored on the river and the Maltings in direct contravention of the coronavirus distancing rules, with small families and couples obeying the rules being forced to move away to safeguard themselves.

Though the people who operate the Maltings are obeying the distancing rules, the green that runs up to the towpath has been the scene of overcrowding, with those congregating and people using the towpath causing a 'pinch point'.

The city council has been prompted to erect a fence around the green to stop the behavior and protect local residents.