Victor: Leeds & Liverpool Canal open tells CaRT

Published: Sunday, 31 May 2020

A STOPPAGE Notice from Canal & River Trust on Friday blithely proclaimed that from tomorrow, 1st June, the Leeds & Liverpool Canal will be—'Navigation: Open'.

Alas a bizarre Cartism indeed, for it only refers to the re-opening of the waterway at Forge and Newlay locks—one and a half miles of cruising!

As for the rest—it's closed!  Yes, my friends, another Stoppage Notice, also issued on Friday the 29th clearly tells us that from Wigan Flight to Bingley Five Rise Bottom Lock the Leeds & Liverpool Canal is—'Navigation: Closed, Towpath: Open'—until further notice!

Sort that one out!

Cut and paste

Would you believe that there are so many waterways closed that CaRT is now cutting and pasting its Stoppage Notices, just altering the names of the waterway and giving the information the waterway is closed due to water resources.

What the northern boaters are doing with nowhere to cruise I just don't know, but hope they are not paying their licence fees for cruising, when they can't.

Ahh, but there is the mile and a half open on the Leeds & Liverpool, but with the rest of the waterways closed how the hell they get there CaRT has omitted to mention.

What a bloody mess.

Just what are the rules

Given the outcome of the Cummings debacle, it would seem moving your boat out into the sticks in order to to self-isolate was okay all along.

After all you are unlikely to travel 260 miles to do so.  Difficult to learn what the rules are now.

And what happens tomorrow the 1st of the month?  Chaos just about describes it.

Still stuck

You have to feel for those boaters still stuck on the Weaver as I can tell you the Anderton Lift is still not operating, so they are unable to get back on the Trent & Mersey.


I thought it a good idea of the 'Memories' link, to balance up what will most likely be propaganda from CaRT's own effort, and I particularly like Ralph's suggestion of the BC—Before CaRT.

So that enables you to not only send in pictures and text of the condition of the waterways as they are now, but their condition before it took over—BC!

Victor Swift