Coming home to roost

Published: Thursday, 21 May 2020

ALLOWING people unfettered use of the towpaths during the coronavirus has rebounded on Canal & River Trust.

For though people are told to keep away from the towpath to safeguard the workers upgrading the length between Bradley and Kildwick, many are completely ignoring the closure notice and thus risking passing on the virus to the workers, Alan Tilbury reports.

CartSignNoEntryHad little effect

Notices of all kinds have been erected by the Trust during the lockdown, though as we are all aware these have had little effect as the Trust has kept the towpaths open throughout, but now there is a real emergency people are ignoring the actual closure notice that could have serious consequences.

The work being undertaken is part of a £2 million project involving almost seven miles of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal in Craven, that was suspended at the end of March because of the coronavirus lockdown, but following a change in government advice, contractors are now back on site.


But now Canal & River Trust, is complaining the work is being held up because people are ignoring the closure signs and fencing and continuing to use the towpath.

We have to ask—what did it expect?