Fix the anti-vandal locks

Published: Friday, 22 May 2020

IT WAS way back in 1999 when we first cruised the Erewash Canal that had a reputation for vandalism.

But with every one of the 15 locks being fitted with anti-vandal devices to their paddles, we encountered no problems. 

erewashDrainedSmashed off

Then with our two later trips we encounted empty pounds, for the anti-vandal locks had been smashed off and not replaced.  There is now a current stoppage and again a pound has been drained, this time between Barker's and Eastwood Lock, Keith Gudgin reports.

It was also drained back in March, with that time boats being damaged, and the rest of the canal often suffers the same, with few stoppage notices as boaters simply close the paddles and allow water down, as we did at Long Eaton, the picture showing the pound slowly filling.

Second generation

It would seem there is a second generation of vandals on the Erewash, so surely if would be sensible to replace secure anti-vandal devices.  Or hasn't anyone at Canal & River Trust the nous to realise that would solve the problem?  Obviously not.