Swans shot on the Chesterfield Canal

Published: Wednesday, 06 May 2020

THE mate of a breeding pair of swans at Shireoaks on the Chesterfield Canal has been shot and killed.

The remaining mate was also injured in the attack by someone with an air rifle, but luckily has survived, Roger Spurr reports.

swanShirebrook£4,000 reward for information

There is now great activity in discovering the culprit(s) that has been backed by a £4,000 reward for information, with Roger's daughter, Nickola Tye, telling of the terrible occurrence:

"I'm absolutely devastated that someone has shot the beautiful swans that live on the village canal.

"Anyone who takes pleasure in making an harmless defenceless creature suffer like that doesn't deserve to breath the same air as these stunning birds.

"There's a big reward for names through the local village forums so I hope someone shops the scum.  We've visited these swans with my two boys since they were babies."

Surviving mate

Nikola's photograph shows the surviving mate and tells it had lesser injuries, had a good nights rest after its ordeal managed to stand and have something to eat.