Shot swan dies

Published: Wednesday, 06 May 2020

THE swan shot by thugs with catapults on the Stratford & Avon Canal near Stratford has died from its injuries.

The male, that was part of a breeding pair on the canal at Wilmcote was attacked on Sunday, with three youths seen in the area with catapults, who it is understood shot the swan from the towpath of the canal, Roger Fox reports.


Cyril Bennis of Stratford Swan Rescue, was called to the scene and spent two hours rescuing the bird then taking it to Wychbold Swan Sanctuary, telling he was 'devastated' by its death, explaining:

“It had a fractured skull and a shattered eyeball and it couldn’t cope with those injuries. There was nothing to be done.

“It puts it on a different level. We need to get these culprits as soon as possible to stop them from doing anything like this again.”

Cyril discovered that three youths were seen doing 'target practice' with a catapults making their way along the towpath where a pair of breeding swans had built a nest.