Youths use swan as target practice

Published: Monday, 04 May 2020

A SWAN on the Stratford & Avon Canal at Stratford suffered life-threatening injuries after being used by youths as target practice.

It is understood three youths used caapults to shoot at the swan from the canal towpath on Sunday afternoon leaving it bloodied and severely injured, Roger Fox reports.

ShotSwanAvon2020Two hours to rescue

The swan was in such a state it took two hours for Stratford Swan Rescue to rescue the swan, which was taken to Wychbold Swan Sanctuary.  (Photograph by Stratford-upon-Avon Swan Rescue.)

The swan suffered major trauma and was sedated, and it is feared it would lose an eye, although there was doubt as to whether it would survive at all.

A swan rescue group in Hereford and Worcester pointed out that it is a criminal offence to injure or kill a swan.  The police have been informed.