Get ready for more upgraded cycle towpaths

Published: Monday, 04 May 2020

THE signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Canal & River Trust and Sustrans can means only one thing—look out for more speeding cyclists.

The memorndun stated the 'two organisations share a number of common objectives around making the towpaths accessible for all visitors and believe there are significant benefits to them both working together'.

Promoting the benefits

These included:

CyclistsTowpathspromoting the benefits of walking and cycling on the waterways to government and other third parties
identifying third party funding streams
promoting the pedestrian-priority Towpath Code
working to manage the interaction between different towpath users
sharing information and statistics
working together on the enhancement of Sustrans’ National Cycle Network where it runs over the Trust’s towpaths
addressing accessibility
increasing community involvement.


It is told 'the historic nature of the canals and towpaths means that it can be challenging to accommodate all visitors and that the needs of the slowest users and people using the water space, for example, boaters and anglers, have to come first.

How that will be managed however is not stated.