Coronavirus killing publications off

Published: Thursday, 23 April 2020

AT THE risk of getting banned again [*please stop boasting of the fact—editor] it looks as if coronavirus is killing the publications off, writes James Henry.

Logging on to [titles removed] I see that all we are getting is the same stuff as Canal & River Trust is peddling, not one daring to offer any alternative or complaint, hardly what I would call good journalism.

I have always thought that being so restrictive at allowing others to voice their opinions in their publications was a retrograde step, as it all becomes so much of a sameness and boring with a limited opinion, with the result that now coronavirus is upon us and not daring to say 'boo' to Canal & River Trust, wanting of course to please, they have little to offer and so are being killed off.

Please Mr Editor, though I know you don't normally allow such, let me say—thank God for narrowboatworld.

[* It was some 15/16 years ago that James Henry took exception to Waterways World in his articles in narrowboatworld resulting in him being banned for a while but not losing any opportunity in boasting of the fact of being the only person banned from writing.  I will allow him this one more such comment as such an avid contributorEditor.]