Mere customers of Canal & River Trust

Published: Thursday, 23 April 2020

WITH reference to your article by David Hymers  'How do you close towpaths', writes Wayne Abbott.

Whilst I agree full heartily with his comments in their entirety the one thing he, we seem to overlook is the fact that unlike English Heritage and the likes of the National Trust and the many other trusts out there is the fact that those who subscribe, join, enlist, volunteer, are members of said trusts.

Mere customers

We on the other hand are just mere customers, cash cows, furthest down the pecking order of the canal and river towpath users.

It begs the question of 'Why are we, the licence paying customers' not privileged enough to be 'members' of the Trust who have an active role in the decision making, spending, planning etc processes of said Trust.

I am aware that we have a miniscule representation on the board but they seem to be there by invitation only.  Not once have I seen or heard of any 'thought processes, plans or suggestions' put forward by our representatives on the panel being published let alone be in brought to fruition.