Proper notices concerning towpaths

Published: Wednesday, 22 April 2020

I HAVE to agree with David Hymers that it would not be practical to literally close the towpaths, writes T. Lang.

When I wrote about the many people passing my boat moored near Longport, like I am sure many others who have told that the towpaths should be closed, we are not suggesting literally, for as David proclaimed this is impossible owing to the many accesses.

Have the require effect

But a definite notice, stating that the towpath is closed and unauthorised people will be prosecuted, (as they can be under the current regulations) instead of the waffle that Towpath Trust (Canal & River Trust) is giving in its many and varied notices, would have the required effect.

There is a boater moored near me who is so afraid of all the passing people, some that under the law of averages, must have the disease, who has sealed his vents and keeps all windows firmly closed so worried is he of the many people within inches of his boat and he being 81 years old.

Don't want to close its towpaths

We are all aware of the problem though, the Trust just does not want to close its so important towpaths, and should a few of us get coronavirus and die, so what?