Pleased to see Orph back

Published: Wednesday, 22 April 2020

I WAS most pleased to see Orph Mable back in your columns, writes Jim Cracken.

The person who wrote that he [Orph] was missed I'm sure was just one of many, including myself, for all we get in the other publications is pseudo engineering articles, obviously written by people who would not know the difference between one end of a cam shaft and the other, whilst Orph gives us the real thing of sorting real problems out, and it makes good interesting reading.

Chewing up belts

I remember a waterway magazine giving a write up about that Canaline 25 engine, but the writer told how good it was with no mention that it had the wrong pullies for its belts that was chewing them up, for obviously the writer had not even examined the engine, and most likely had not even seen one, taking his stuff from the 'blurb' the sellers and manufacturers turn out.

But Orph and his crew soon discovered the problem and even solved it—that it seems the manufacturers have not!

Though Orph is like many of us at the moment, grounded through the coronavirus, and so gave us the article, I'm hoping we might see a few more!

[Others have mentioned they are pleased to see the article from Orph—Editor.]