Self-isolation stress caused boater to attack partner

Published: Monday, 20 April 2020

THE national self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic causing an increase in domestic violence is spreading to those 'prisoned' in restricted space narrowboats.

A boater has been jailed for attacking his partner after an argument about a news item on television about coronavirus, grabbing her and knocking her head against the side of the galley table, Alan Tilbury reports.

Oxford Canal

Matthew Childs attacked his fiancée on her boat moored at Enslow Wharf on the Oxford Canal on Thursday 2nd April and has now received a prison sentence of 20 days and been ordered to pay her compensation of £150.  In addition, when released, he is banned from entering the county of Oxfordshire.

This comes after a growing increase in domestic violence with couples forced together during the isolation, and is obviously particularly stressful for those living in the very confined space of a narrowboat.

Changed his plea

Matthew Childs pleaded not guilty to the charge but later changed his plea to guilty, claiming he was under stress at his confinement.