More people on towpath in four days than the whole fourteen years put together!

Published: Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Would like to remain anonymous (solo female boater and all that!), again writes Deborah.

But felt I had to respond to your request for feedback re: the towpath traffic. I spent the 'holiday weekend' in a rural spot many miles from any town or village and saw more people on the towpath (none of which, I’m pretty sure can even be two metres wide!) in those four days than I have witnessed along the same stretch of canal over the last fourteen years put together!

Negotiate a lock

I had to negotiate a lock to get there—where two gentleman of pension age insisted on carrying on a conversation alongside the bollard at the lock landing.

I had no option other than to tie up there in order to open the gate.  Neither moved so I was obliged to pass them both within less than 18 inches.  I have yet to see any CaRT signs anywhere along this stretch.   No wonder the message isn’t getting through.