You cannot visit your boat tells Canal & River Trust

Published: Wednesday, 15 April 2020

THE Canal & River tell that owners are not allowed to visit their boats.

Whether moored in a marina or bankside, owners are not allowed to visit their unoccupied boats, the Trust blaming the government for this measure.

No trips

It states 'If you are not currently occupying your boat the government guidance is that you must not visit it (this means no short trips or breaks on your boat at this time)'.

However it is not known if this is direct government 'guidance' to the Trust or it is using the 'stay at home' information to prevent visits.

Government guidance

As many are aware it has also given the advice to 'only move your boat if it’s essential (not for leisure purposes) and minimise your use of the towpath'.

Many boaters tell us they do not understand this as they would be much safer out on the waterways and away from the exceptionally crowded towpaths where there is a high possibility of coronavirus spreading, especially as the Trust insists upon the towpaths remaining open to all.