Towpath visitors—some sense at last

Published: Thursday, 26 March 2020

FOLLOWING on our appeal on Tuesday that inviting people to use the limited width towpaths must cease in view of Government's coronavirus rules, Canal & River Trust has conceded.

ScoutTunnelIt has now stopped its overused 'wellbeing' and told 'please now avoid any stretches [of towpaths] with boats moored against the towpath, and strictly observe social distancing at all times, following the latest advice from Government'.

Not allow people to pass

We pointed out that it was a real problem exercising by walking on the limited width of the majority of towpaths, for even the upgraded cycle tracks will not allow people to walk together or pass allowing a two metres distance between them, after the Trust had promoted its towpaths for exercise during the coronavirus pandemic. 

And under the many canal bridges and towpaths through tunnels it is impossible to pass without actually touching.


Even now the Trust is stating 'strictly observe social distancing at all times', but keeping two metres apart is impossible on the limited widths of towpaths, particularly when there is no grass verge to step onto. 

The picture clearly shows two metres.  How many towpaths would allow people to pass this distance apart?

It really should close them to the public, so saving its customers, the continuous cruisers, from brushing against possible coronavirus carriers.  It should realise its 'wellbeing' for the public is, at the moment, dead, and take care of its own.