Dogs on leads

Published: Wednesday, 25 March 2020

FOLLOWING on from your contributor who states how impractical it is to maintain separation on towpaths could I ask that dog walkers are more responsible, writes S Walton (Nb Betty).

Dogs on towpaths should be on leads and under strict control of their owners.

If they are not, they will approach anyone they meet often being frantically pursued by their walker. 

Do whatever they like

Dog owners seem to struggle to understand that however much they like their dogs they will always be dumb animals and when off the lead will do whatever they like and may not understand they should be 2m away from anyone other than whoever they live with!

Even in normal times dogs should be under their owners control in public places (although its rare to see it) but now more than ever, dog walkers on towpaths need to be responsible and less selfish.