Towpaths unable to give the demanded coronavirus social distancing

Published: Tuesday, 24 March 2020

THE Prime Minister pulled few punches in his broadcast to the nation yesterday (Monday) evening concerning coronavirus, writes Tom Crossley.

towpath walkers399He emphasised the restrictions on outside exercise and the absolute necessity to keep the social distancing of at least two metres at all times.

Limited width

This presents a real problem to exercising by walking on the limited width of the majority of towpaths, even the upgraded cycle tracks will not allow people to pass allowing a two metres distance between them.

a camden towpathAs the prime minister stated that such as 'self isolated' families can exercise together, those passing others on the limited width towpaths would surely cause brushing against each other and so the distinct possibility of a person with the disease passing it on.

Sheer common sense

To safeguard the public, and common sense should mean the immediate stop of this urge of Canal & River Trust propagating its towpaths for exercise in this age of coronavirus.

It is dangerous.  Especially so through bridges as the photograph on the Regent's Canal shows, and the many towpaths with other such restrictions.

Continuous cruisers

Dangerous for its customers too, those over 70 years of age continuous cruisers self isolating, with the last thing they need is nosey towpath walkers badgering them for information or wanting to pass the time of day—all that needs to be stopped.

That means the much flogged 'wellbeing'inviting walkers to the towpaths must cease.  'Wellbeing' at last is importantto its customers, the boaters.