Toodbrook Reservoir dam maintenance

Published: Thursday, 19 March 2020

NOTWITHSTANDING the excuses from Canal & River Trust that it was not responsible for the failure of the Toddbrook Reservoir dam I'm sure we all knew it was, writes T. Lang.

And so it has been proved by the recently published report of the investigation.  CaRT saying of the number of times it had maintained the dam, when it was obvious from the photograph of the shrubs growing through the concrete it was obvious to all that it had done no such thing.

Toddbrook VegOthers have not collapsed

The report told it was 'poor design' and 'intermittent maintenance' over the years.  As far as design is concerned I understand there are eight of the same design and they have not collapsed, so it must be down to the 'intermittent maintenance over the years'.

And CaRT telling its average stated time between inspections worked out at 3.84 days is absolutely stupid.  Inspected 12 times a month and all those shrubs not seen?  Must think we are idiots.

I wonder what CaRT have to say about it all?