Arun boat rally to prove navigational rights

Published: Friday, 28 February 2020

OWNERS of small craft are invited to join the Arun Boat Rally to prove navigational rights on the river.

The Wey & Arun Canal Trust is once again running its popular annual boat rally on the Arun, an event which proves navigation rights still exist on the river.

Canoes on the Arun500Free event

The free event will be held on Sunday 10th May, and is open to all small craft—canoes, kayaks and paddle-boards.  The photograph shows paddle-boards and canoes taking part in last year's event.

The Arun Boat Rally began in 1983 and the annual event has been run by the Wey & Arun Canal Trust since 2011. The aim is to ensure that when restoration of the Wey & Arun Canal is complete, there will be no legal reason why boats cannot venture from the canal into the Arun.

Aims to restore the waterway

The Trust aims to restore the 23 miles waterway which runs from Shalford in Surrey to Pallingham in West Sussex.

Last year’s event saw a record turnout of small boats, canoes, kayaks and paddle-boards take the three-and-a-half hour trip from Pulborough and Stopham to the tidal limit at Pallingham in West Sussex. The route reaches the furthest navigable point for boats.

Well used

The Wey & Arun Canal is now well used by canoes, kayaks and more frequently, paddle-boards.

For more information on taking part in the rally and to register, visit: