Narrowboat on flooded Cherwell

Published: Friday, 21 February 2020

MANAGING to get as near as possible I took a picture of a boat attempting to use the Cherwell yesterday, writes Julie Barton.

LostCherwellI thought you may be interested in showing it as it is silly taking to the Cherwell when it is obviously flooded even though it is part of the Oxford Canal.

Would not risk it today

My husband Peter and I, living not too far away and owning a 50ft narrowboat have often cruised along this stretch of river, but would certainly not risk it today, as though not now exactly a raging torrent as it has been, it is still in flood and we would not risk it as the owner of that boat did.

I think it is stuck as it did not move for the ten minutes we were there.  It is difficult to see if it is actually on the main stream.