Bridges should be rebuilt to modern standard

Published: Friday, 17 January 2020

I SENT an email to CART some years ago regarding listed bridges carrying roads over our canals and also locks made from modern durable materials, writes Brian D Jarrett.

The following being the points made relative to bridges:

ModernBridgeLack of funding

'With the lack of sufficient funding to maintain navigation on the entire system is it not time that those supposed to be running the CaRT charitable trust took radical steps and engaged in serious discussions with other government authorities?

One positive move would be, pass over responsibility for maintaining and rebuilding all the canal bridges that carry any road, to the Highways Agency.

Rebuilt to modern standards

All these bridges could be deregistered by English heritage as 'listed' and when required, rebuilt to modern standards which would also eliminating the dangerous 'hump bridge' found on many roads.

Air draft to be maintained to ensure navigation'.