Map shows 25 waterway stoppages

Published: Thursday, 02 January 2020

FIDDLING around over the holiday period on the web I discovered the Open Canal Map, writes T. Lang.

It tells that it is the Canal & River Trust stoppage map and is updated at 10.30 every morning, but there is no date on it so not sure if it is current.


What I find surprising is that there is not the usual CaRT heading of the half sunken tyre, though there is reference to Google and instructions to transfer the stoppage map to your mobile by Google Play.

But what is even more surprising is that the map shows 25 stoppages at present!  These are shown by markers on the map of the waterways, but clicking on them gets no result.

25 stoppages?

Surely there cannot be 25 stoppages?  Contacting CaRT drew a blank as there was just an emergency message.