Published: Wednesday, 01 January 2020

Our correspondent Bill Ridgeway asks that as we are at the end of the year it would be interesting to see some statistics about narrowboatworld.

So diving into 1&1, our provider, we were swamped with them:

First of all it stated we had 34,272 hits during a seven days period.  Then it went into the realms of statistics telling of duration per second, page impressions per second, bounce rate, landing pages, exit pages error pages (none!), most frequently visited (obviously the index page). pages with high bounce rate, keywords, pages of origin—all of little interest.

Origin of hits

Then we learnt the origin of hits—76.43% direct, social networks 0.10%, search engines 2.68%, others 20.80%.

The referring pages by session were virtually all from Google.

The browsers— (by impression) Chrome 24.65%, Firefox 13.29%, Safari 6.21%, IE 5.06%, Safari mobile 4.55%, Chrome mobile 4.62%.

The operating systems (by impression)—Windows 37.75%, Android 11.60%, OS X 8.30%, Linux 8.19%, IOS 8.30%, Mac OS 2.77%.

Windows dominance slashed

It was many years since we last delved into statistics but then the Windows operating system reigned supreme, but the incidence of Android and Linux (which is completely free) has slashed its dominance to around a third.

Bill particularly asked from which countries the hits came, but alas though this was given by 1&1 in the past, the information now has to be paid for, and as the Google adverts income just about covers the cost of publishing narrowboatworld, we declined to pay!

However, delving back, the UK provided the most hits with Europe, particularly France a high percentage followed by the USA and particularly New Zealand.  There were readers in lesser numbers from many other countries from all over the world, that obviously have an interest in our waterways, so we assume the same still applies.

If you find this all rather boring, blame Bill for asking!