Another boater received the survey

Published: Wednesday, 01 January 2020

FURTHER to recent articles related to the CART survey I can confirm we also received the survey and completed it and returned it, write Pam & Pete Bolton.

We were on the K&A at the time.

Not want to get entangled

Could I say that you may not have had many confirmations of the survey being received as boaters might not want to get entangled in some of the discussions that take place on the site (normally we wouldn’t comment) as they to us sometimes seem one-sided.

Having said that I wouldn’t say we were huge fans of CaRT, although our cruise this year covered some 800 miles and 550 locks we had very few problems mostly on the K&A with the restrictions on the Crofton summit.

Best being the Wey Navigation

The best waterway unfortunately wasn’t a CaRT one, that being the Wey Navigation, the worst one was a CaRT one, our own waters the Calder & Hebble Navigation.

Just a little information that I hope may balance the survey debate.