Going to be banned again?

Published: Wednesday, 01 January 2020

AT THE risk of being banned again I am going to ask a question, writes James Henry.

It is why the web publication calling itself 'The number ONE read for all waterway users' has had NO 'read' whatsoever since the 19th of December whilst I have counted 17 in narrowboatworld up to the end of the year. So how come that is number one?

Self praise in no recommendation

I think it was Victor who once quoted the proverb 'self-praise is no recommendation' when explaining why it is you do not publish such yourselves.  Don't such publication realise that people are always wary of 'Number One', 'The Best' and suchlike? I know I am and especially of its CaRT propaganda—when it does deign to give or a few scraps!

[James was once banned from writing in narrowboatworld after too many slurs about Waterways World many years ago, and should take warning.  No more please—Editor.]