But would they tell us?

Published: Tuesday, 31 December 2019

I HAVE read the articles about that illusive Canal & River Trust report with interest, writes T. Lang.

Particularly the comments on methodology of how surveys should be organised as given by Bill Ridgeway, which was obviously not met, respondents being chosen at random by various employees.


Of course it would allow for criticism that Neil Quarmby told, but what happens to any criticisms received?  How were these calculated or were they just ignored?  We will never know.

To me it was a complete shambles, and if after a week you only received notice from one person who had been given the report to fill in, and as your site must be the most read having the most information, a lot of people would be aware of your request.

To quote yet another of your correspondents, Victor: 'Any 'results' should be taken with a very large pinch of you know what', to which I certainly agree.