That elusive CART survey

Published: Monday, 30 December 2019

THE link took you to an online survey. It wasn't particularly long. It did allow for criticism, explains Neil Quarmby.

I did make two comments:

I couldn't understand why CaRT would allow three boats from a small boat club on the Stort to reserve all the designated visitor moorings in Hertford for five days over the Easter weekend. It wasn't even a public event.

Secondly I believed it would be sensible to maintain the manual lock at Tottenham.  The electric lock is busy and it took two days to repair when one of the motors tripped out. 

Not sure why picked

I am not sure whether CaRT had picked [me] as someone who had cruised in the area from the enforcement process or from locking out of Limehouse.  I guess if they don't record you from a lock passage, where they record your number, or from the enforcement process then you won't get invited to complete the survey because they won't know that you have been cruising.

[Victor asked over a week since for people who had been handed the survey to contact us, so we could get an idea of its measure, but there was only Neil who did—Editor.]