A stupid thing to do

Published: Wednesday, 18 December 2019

THE article about the boater who risked navigating the flooding Soar finishing up on a weir has raised a few comments.

In full flood

Chris Phillips writes—Living just a mile away from Thurmaston and having driven down the Soar Valley this morning, I just wonder how anybody could even contemplate moving a boat on a river that is still in full flood and moving at a high rate of knots.

I rather think the guy has used one of his nine lives. The police say that no crime has been committed, putting the Fire and Rescue guys at risk must come very close. Probably a good job that as yet stupidity is not a crime!

Men in the white coats

T Lang writesThe man who risked navigating the flooded Soar and in the dark is a contender for the men in the white coats, for it is something only a complete idiot would attempt.

Like many others, yourselves included I read, I too have been stuck on the Soar in flood, but the only sensible thing to do is stay put. There is no alternative.

Worst experience ever had

Les Collins writesBeing a northern boater on the Leeds & Liverpool I very rarely get down to the midlands, but a couple of years back, my wife and son and myself had a long boating holiday and took in the Leicester Ring.

It was the worst experience we had ever had. Not the actual cruise as it was most enjoyable negotiating the new waterways, but it changed after Leicester when we were moored at Barrow above the lock and saw a red light the following morning.

I realised it had rained all night but was amazed when walking to the lock to see the torrent that was a gentle river the day before.

Talking to boaters they told us there was no way we must risk it as Pilling Flood Lock would be shut and we would end up on the weir, but though the river comes up quickly providing there is no further rain will just as quickly recede.  It did rain but not as bad and after two days we escaped but the river was flowing a bit and we were pleased to get back on to the Trent & Mersey Canal.

So you can imagine what I think of the boater who risked it, he deserved all he got, and should be forced to pay for the trouble he caused the emergency services by his stupidity.

Into flood in hours

Tom Redway writes—There is one thing you never do and that is tackle a river in flood with a narrowboat, and certainly not the Soar that can up into flood in hours. If you are going to cruise the Soar then give yourself extra time as you will most likely need it.

And never, never attempt it in flood, the weirs are awaiting as that idiot found out.