Boater rescued off Thurmaston Weir in Soar flood

Published: Monday, 16 December 2019

A BOATER and his boat had to be rescued from the flooded Soar after ending up on Thurmaston Weir.

The man attempted passage on the flooding river but lost control having to call 999 to be rescued from the buoys on the weir at Thurmaston.

Brought to a stop

It was reported that his narrowboat hit the banks as it careered on the flood, finally brought to a stop by the buoys on the weir.

This resulted in Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service sending two crews with a powerful rescue boat that managed to drag the boat away from the weir to the river bank.

In the dark

The strange thing was that the 999 call was logged at 7.40pm last Friday night, meaning the boater was attempting to navigate the flooding river in the dark.

The boater told that his mooring ropes had been cut, but it was stated that there was no evidence of this, the police stating  that no crime had been committed.